EyeHeartLocal: Isn't it time you got a new pair of glasses?

Check out our first EyeHeartLocal promotional video. If you don’t already know EyeHeartLocal is a consumer campaign designed to promote the benefits and value that an independent ECP can provide in conjunction with a locally owned and operated optical lab. The campaign which is driven by Vision Made Locally is using this campaign to help eye care professionals differentiate themselves through their focus on quality and positive community impact. If you want to learn more about EyeHeartLocal visit

VML's Newest Lab: Acculab of Illinois

Vision Made Locally is proud to announce its 17th participating lab; Acculab of Sycamore, IL.  Acculab has been servicing their customers with the finest product & service available since 2006. The lab is 100% independent and touts in-house digital processing and AR.

Their digital product offering includes Acculab's Digital Free Form Designs Katara and Sabre as well as Seiko and Shamir Digital Free Form. We are truly honored to welcome Acculab and encourage you to learn more about them on their profile page or visit their website at

Video: VML Lab Spotlight Schroeder Optical

Check out the first Vision Made Locally lab spotlight video highlighting one of our very own; Schroeder Optical. We were given a great opportunity to meet Tom Schroeder President of Schroeder Optical and the Schroeder Optical team. We learned a lot and met some very satisfied customers. We also participated in a great event hosted by Schroeder Optical for their accounts along with representatives of Transitions and Seiko where we were lucky enough to share the Vision Made Locally message. Schroeder Optical also announced bringing digital in-house to better serve their customer base. We will have some additional videos from our visit over the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!

The Million American Job Project

Want to create a million new American jobs this year. It's simple. If everyone buys just 5% more Made-in-USA products a million NEW american jobs will be created. No major sacrifice, no act of congress, just a subtle change in your everyday purchases. This message is being driven by the "Million American Jobs Project" campaign @ They are asking you to do three simple things

  • Watch this video
  • Pledge to buy just 5% more Made-in-USA products
  • Share this project with at least 2 friends. 

We have all been affected by the loss of jobs and a poor economy. Instead of waiting for someone else to solve the problem of unemployment lets fix it ourselves.  The power is in our hands. 

The Vision Councils First Town Hall Meeting

Vision Made Locally had a great time at The Vision Council's first Town Hall Meeting where members were treated to presentations by the VC team and industry partners. Topics included state of the industry, member benefits and services and guest speaker Dean Browell who covered "the social and digital behaviors of consumers of eyewear and eye care".

We were excited to learn about the many programs The Vision Council operates to help advance the optical industry at the eye care professional and end consumer level. The programs include a low vision awareness campaign, consumer outreach program Eyecessorize and the "Bureau of Missing Glasses" to promote UV protection. Learn more at Although membership if for manufacturers and suppliers of the optical industry their impact benefits everyone.


Randolph Engineering: Made in the USA

"Today Randolph remains an iconic brand accelerated by a growing demand for genuine, well-made products with a strong American heritage. Tried and true manufacturing methods are maintained using the machinery and tooling created by the founders. Randolph Engineering, Inc.  is still owned and operated by three generations of the Waszkiewicz and Zaleski families along with a highly skilled and dedicated American workforce." Visit to learn more.

VML Marketing Tip: Animoto

Add Video To Your Marketing Strategy Affordably & Easily

Video has the power to really add value to your social media and marketing efforts. Animoto is a service that allows any business to add this great tool without a big investment in equipment or knowledge. Simply upload pictures and/or video from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, flickr or your smart phone. Then select your video style, choose some music and your own custom text and have a professional looking video. The video can easily be shared and placed on your website or social media sites. There is a free version you can use or you can upgrade to make longer videos, use more templates, longer videos and even HD quality Videos. To learn more or to see some example videos, visit Check out the example video below...