Photo Editor

VML Marketing Tip:

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Don't forget the pictures.

A recent study showed that social media posts and blog posts are viewed 20 times more than a text alone post. Dramatic improvement to say the least. This can be really self evident if you start looking at what catches your eye while online.

It seems though that just taking a picture is not enough these days. Adding text, overlays, effects, borders seems to be the norm. But photo editing software can be expensive, cumbersome and require a high learning curve. That's why we like Pixlr. First its free and that's a plus but it packs more than what you would expect from its price tag.

Edit your images online so you don't have to download any software. Here you can crop, resize, add text easily and quickly. Use there "pixlr-o-matic" for hundreds of effects, borders and overlays to give your image more flare. Pixlr also has free apps for the apple and android devices. We really like that everyone on our team can have access to the same tools wherever and whenever. This way you can get everyone working together to make your social media strategy even more powerful.