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Just A Little Teaser

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We are working on a project that just has us super excited.  We can't let too much out but one long-term project we have been working on is giving VML labs a powerful tool to extend to their current and potential customers to help them grow their business. This isn't coming out tomorrow by any means but we just couldn't hold it in anymore and thought we'd give you a little hint.

The Vision Made Locally team is in a constant state of researching, testing, questioning, creating, implementing, helping (the list goes on) with ways to strengthen the independent lab and eye care professional. We are all connected and the better that one does we all seem to benefit. Our efforts to build and promote the independent lab brand as a whole has been very successful and we plan to keep those efforts up but we know there is more needed. We think this project is going to be big for the VML labs and those they partner with. 

Randolph Engineering: Made in the USA

"Today Randolph remains an iconic brand accelerated by a growing demand for genuine, well-made products with a strong American heritage. Tried and true manufacturing methods are maintained using the machinery and tooling created by the founders. Randolph Engineering, Inc.  is still owned and operated by three generations of the Waszkiewicz and Zaleski families along with a highly skilled and dedicated American workforce." Visit to learn more.

"Buy Local" Campaigns Showing Real Results ​

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Good and bad findings in recent independent business survey.

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance recently released the results of their Independent Business Survey. One of the great findings was the impact of "Buy Local" campaigns in communities. According to the survey which included 2300+ respondents across all 50 states, businesses who were located in communities with local business initiatives saw on average a 6.8% growth in revenue vs 3.4% revenue growth in those who were not. This finding supports that consumers are changing buying habits.  American Booksellers Association CEO Oren Teicher was quoted “For indie businesses in communities that don’t yet have a local business alliance, the time to realize the potential of working together is now.”

The survey results weren't all warm and fuzzy as respondents reported "showrooming" where customers physically look at and research products in stores but then buy online as being a "moderate to significant" problem. Gaining financing was also listed as problematic with 23% of survey participants reporting being unable to qualify for a loan in the past two years.  

Read the article here or download the report here.