VML On The Road: Optical Synergies & Transitions Academy


Vision Made Locally is heading to Charlotte, NC for the Optical Synergies regional meeting January 17th & 18th. On top of sharing the VML message we will be giving a presentation on “Unfair Advantages & The Independent Lab”. For those not able to make it we will be recording the presentation along with some of our other industry comrades including Mike Karlsrud of Karlsrud Company. We're sure we will have some great content to share from the event.

VML will also be representing at Transitions Academy later this month in Orlando, Florida. We will be taking the opportunity to build excitement about our upcoming EyeHeartLocal program that we will be launching mid-February. We know we keep teasing with this program but we are putting a lot of man-hours to making this an integral part in spreading the word about Vision Made Locally and more importantly promote those who choose to partner with our labs.