VML Shirt With Some Funk

VML - Blog - Shirt Idea 092713.png

We've been kinda quiet the past couple of weeks as we try to get ready for Vision Expo West. But we wanted to share something a little fun. Ever since our shirt giveaway, we can't help but come up with new design ideas. Many of our newsletter recipients have even sent in ideas, which we of course want more of. Because of all these ideas we have been trying out some of the ones we really like at work or when we are out on the town (we have been stopped many times to answer questions). Avery has some "fabric transfers" that help us easily test what we like without making a big order (you can get them at most office supply stores). Above is one that seems to be getting a lot of attention. You can download the file here to print on your own if you want. This design is made for the "light fabric transfers" so no black or grey. If you have any ideas please share and even if it is just a sketch we'd love to see it. We may do another run soon but mail them to our VML labs key accounts as well. 

Note: The image appears reversed when you download the file but that's because it needs to be "mirrored" for the transfer on to the shirt. Also trim around the outside, it will look a lot better.