Just A Little Teaser

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We are working on a project that just has us super excited.  We can't let too much out but one long-term project we have been working on is giving VML labs a powerful tool to extend to their current and potential customers to help them grow their business. This isn't coming out tomorrow by any means but we just couldn't hold it in anymore and thought we'd give you a little hint.

The Vision Made Locally team is in a constant state of researching, testing, questioning, creating, implementing, helping (the list goes on) with ways to strengthen the independent lab and eye care professional. We are all connected and the better that one does we all seem to benefit. Our efforts to build and promote the independent lab brand as a whole has been very successful and we plan to keep those efforts up but we know there is more needed. We think this project is going to be big for the VML labs and those they partner with.