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We are a network of independent labs dedicated to quality, innovation and you!

Each lab brings its customers a unique service, product or benefit that helps you differentiate yourself from your competition while supporting your business and community. Take a moment to explore local labs near you and what they can offer your practice and your patients.


Here's some great reasons to partner with your local independent optical lab!


Your needs are unique. So are our solutions.

Optical manufacturing is “flexible” manufacturing. Local and independent optical labs can offer more customization to your practice and patient's needs. This is because technicians are closer to the production process, closer to the decision-making process, and closer to management.


We succeed only when you do.

Local and independent labs success is directly related to your success and that of your community. This symbiosis inherently builds a stronger focus on quality, service and support. We have a vested interest in knowing how to serve you.


More money in your community means more for your customers and you.

Small business creates the most jobs, generates the most patents and has the most benefits for the local economy. Studies show that for every dollar spent in a locally owned business, three times more of that dollar stays in our economy than would be the case with a national corporation. 

Product Diversity

Don't be limited.  Choose what’s best for you and your practice.

Your independent practice’s competitive edge lies in what make’s you unique. Product diversity is essential to this strategy. Independent labs can offer you the widest array of product and are not limited to specific products, brands or sales initiatives.


Consumer purchasing habits are shifting to local and independent business.

 “Buy Local” and “Support American Jobs” campaigns are showing real impacts on today’s consumer purchasing habits. Aligning yourself with similar campaigns helps build awareness and increase sales through your independent optical practice.


Your patients have high expectations. So do we.

You pride yourself on the quality and care your office and dispensary offer your patients. We pride ourselves on ensuring the product you give them matches that commitment. We measure our success on quality and service, first.